Garbage Disposal Air Switch – Is This Important Part of The Garbage Disposal?

Air switches have their pros and cons; however most people prefer that over electrical wall switch. One of the core reasons is that it gets kick started just by pressing the button. As soon as the button is pressed, the air switch activates your garbage disposal unit. The air switch comes in use friendly output and designs that it runs on almost all models of garbage disposals.

Moreover, the installation and setup is pretty simple over electrical wall switch. You must read further to know more about the garbage disposal air switch and its importance.

Benefits of installing an air switch to garbage disposal:

  1. Compared to traditional switch mounted on the wall, setting up air switch on the wall is easy.
  2. There are minimal risks of shock hazard as there is no current or electricity unless actuated.
  3. The garbage disposal air switch works the best with island sink types of models.
  4. The buttons for air switch can be purchased separately or bought together with the garbage disposal in the package as an option.
  5. No special tools are required to install garbage disposal air switch.

Importance of air switches for garbage disposal units:

  1. Easy mounting:

Those who do not wish to spoil the texture of their wall unit go for air switches. These give you a total DIY experience. The switch can be placed close to the sink that you can access easily. It is one of these reasons why people with Kitchen Island sink switch to this option.

  1. Simple designs:

The reason why it is preferred over electrical switch is that these are designed in a simple manner. The outlet is so simple that anyone can install or setup with comfort. Moreover, these do not make the wall too messy.

  1. Extra safety and protection:

Air switches are always preferred over traditional types as these give you extra safety and protection from electrical shock. You do not need a current to activate the unit. Thus, the risk of electrical and shock hazards are less.

  1. Sanitary method for waste disposal:

Air switched in garbage disposals work efficiently and faster. Thus, you can easily and quickly get rid of the food scraps from your sink. Get a clean and sorted kitchen with the help of these switches. In short, you can keep your kitchen sanitized all time.

  1. Keeps you away from compost:

Decomposed food could be unbearable at times. Other than the smell and odor, it also welcomes uninvited guests like rats, squirrels, and insects to have a late night party in your kitchen sink area. Flushing away the waste is so convenient with an air switch that you do not have to worry about thrashing these guests outside your house all time.

If you have made up your mind to switch to the air switch for your garbage disposal unit, you can easily replace your existing electrical or traditional switch with this one. Also, do not miss to understand both, the pros and cons of your Garbage Disposal Air Switch in other articles.