Group Reunion

Updated: 21st Feb 2013

Group Reunion

It is often said that the purpose of the Three Day Weekend is to introduce Christians to Group Reunion, to bring them into loving, supportive Christian communities.

Group reunions are the life blood of the Cursillo Movement and their aim is to bring people together to :

  • Nourish and equip each other so that we may embrace and enjoy the fullness of Christian life
  • Pray as a community
  • Form friendship cells - sharing our lives
  • To communicate on a level that matters
  • Encourage involvement in Cursillo activities
  • Encourage Christian action in their own environments.

The size of a Group Reunion is not important but between 4 and 6 people seems to be ideal. Too small and the sharing is not enough, too large and people are not as involved and the meeting can be too long.
It is recommended that the meeting should last for no more than one hour.

There are women only groups, men only groups and mixed groups. Groups meet at all times of the day - there are groups who meet before or for breakfast, that meet over lunch, that meet during the day and that meet in the evening or at weekends. There is sure to be a group near you that can meet your needs.

Group Reunion is there to support you in your "Fourth Day" - the rest of your earthly life.

All Cursillistas know that they need support from other people to deal with the rest of their lives ... God is the centre ... and has provided them with a Christian Community which they can both serve and be served by.

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